Webdesk, TNI Siliguri, 23rd June 2014: Siliguri could get air-conditioned and non-AC taxis with fare meters like Kolkata before this Puja. Sources said that at least one thousand taxis are expected to run from October in the SMC and SJDA areas. The transport department notification says “sedans” would be available. However, the notification did not specify the names of the manufacturing car companies. The color of the car will be a combination of navy and sky blue with “No Refusal” written on the front doors. The word “Taxi” for non-AC cars or “AC Taxi” will be pasted on the rear doors. A display board on the top of the car that can be illuminated at night will also specify if the taxi is AC or not. Each taxi will have a GPS-based location and navigation system showing the route to be taken by the cab. The area of operation for these taxis would be Siliguri Municipal Corporation areas and the SJDA area that is the four blocks of Jalpaiguri – Jalpaiguri Sadar, Rajganj, Mainaguri and Malbazar. The rates will be the same as in Calcutta. For the first 2km, the charge is Rs 25. The next slab is Rs 12 for every additional kilometer or Rs 2.40 for every 200m.

Source: TT Siliguri

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