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Webdesk, TNI Alipurduar, 28th March, 2014: Dalmore Tea Estate of Alipurduar today witnessed blood field when an assistant manager was hacked to death by a laborer of the garden. The attacker known as Subhan Rana hit Mr. Ajit Panwar (45) at least 20 times before he was dead on spot. The laborer alleged that the assistant manager misbehaved with his wife. Local sources said that the wife of Subhan Rana was late in her duty and was allotted duty to another section. However, she refused to work and instead informed his husband about the incident. Subhan became furious and attacked the manager to death. The body was taken to NBMCH for post mortem. Mr. Panwar is survived by his wife and a son at Uttar Pradesh. The management of the Tea Estate left the garden soon after the incident, escalating speculations of a possible closure of Dalmore T.E.

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