Commuters Risk Life by Crossing Railway Track at Howrah’s Belur Regularly [VIDEO]

Newsspot – Belur  |  Surojit Malick

Webdesk, TNI Howrah 19th May, 2017: There stands the railway over bridge, However, still the people like to take the risk of their life just to save a little time. The time has become precious and there is no place for patience. So people prefer to cross the railway track despite having the railway over-bridge in the station.

This is a common picture at Howrah Belur Railway Station. There are many people, who would like to risk their life and wouldn’t care for their family members to save their precious minute. There is a strong possibility of getting a major accident. Interestingly, the incident is being occurred in front of the GRP.

Video & Photos: Surojit Malick (TNI)

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